Sexiest Muscle Girl Feet

Sexiest Muscle Girl Feet

Sexiest Muscle Girl Feet

Abbey Armstrong has the sexiest feet out of any muscle girl we know! Her feet have a perfect amount of veins, her toes are perfect… Nice and long! She also has high arches, and sexy soft soles. It is not just us that think her feet are the sexiest, it is also our muscle girl fans!

Any time we post a flexing video of Abbey Armstrong that shows her feet, the fans go crazy, and comment on her beautiful feet. This happens mostly on Abbey’s videos. Since lots of fans seems to love Abbey’s feet we thought it would be nice to share a photo of them!

Abbey Armstrong

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Abbey Armstrong is a muscle girl with beautiful feet. She has perfect toes, arches, and soles… The major appeal with Abbey’s feet is the flexibility of her toes, and her high arches. She has nice and long toes, and she has great control over her long toes.

It is not that often when a muscle girl has perfect, and beautiful feet. in our opinion, and according to the fans reactions; Abbey has the sexiest feet out of any other muscle girl featured on

If you are wondering which other muscle girls have sexy feet on our website… Else Longpre does! She comes in second place, with the sexiest feet on

Elsa Longpre

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Elsa Longpre is a muscle girl that also has sexy feet. They might even be just as sexy as Abbey Armstrong’s feet. For some reason Abbey’s feet are really sexual, and an uncontrollable turn on. Elsa’s feet don’t have the same sexual power as Abbey’s Feet… That is whyAbbey Armstrong has the sexiest feet on Muscle Girl Word!