How Do I Download Videos?

Once your purchase is complete, you will be sent a notification email which will contain the link to download your video. Make sure you enter your correct email address.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We use CCBILL secure payment gateway to process your payments. CCBill provides the most safe and secure form of payment processing.

I Did Not Recieve The Download Email

If you have not received the email containing the download link you must first check your junk / bulk mail folder. If you have still not received the email you must contact us immediately so we can assist you. The most common reason for not receiving the download link, is when the customer makes a spelling mistake when entering their email address. Please check the spelling of your email before payment.

Can I Download Videos From My Phone / Tablet?

Yes! But you will need to install a third part application such as DropBox or WinZip for your mobile or tablet device. We do not offer support for third party applications, therefore if you are having problems downloading on a mobile or tablet device, we will only advise you to download from a computer, or offer you a refund.

Which File Types Do you Use?

We use many file types, but the most common video formats we use are MP4 and MOV. We have never had any complaints with MP4 which seems to be the most universal. You can also check the file type before you purchase the video. All the details are outlined in the video detail section of each clip.

What Name Will Appear On My Credit Card Statement?

If you checkout with CCBILL secure credit card processing gateway. The name that appears on your statement with be; MuscleAppeal. We don’t believe in using anonymous names. It is important that you understand your credit card statements, and know what is charged.

My Internet Connection Failed In The Middle of Downloading

You only get 3 attempts at the download in a 72 hour period. If you are having problems with downloading our videos please contact support: support@muscleappeal.com. We are happy to help.

How Long Do I Have Before The Download Link Expires?

You have 72 hours to download the video. We can extended this if you are having technical difficulties. You will be sent an email with your download link. The time will be stated on the email. If you have not received an email from Muscle Girl World after purchase, check your junk folder. If it is not in your junk folder, you need to contact us ASAP.