Emily Shredz: Sexy Calf Muscles!!!

Emily Shredz: Sexy Calf Muscles!!!

Emily Shredz: Sexy Calf Muscles!!!

When MuscleGirlWorld.com are interested in working with a new model, they like to see to pictures of the potential model so they know what their best features are. Emily Shredz best feature is her amazing leg muscles. She is a girl next door with muscle, and she has muscles all over her body, but her legs are the most impressive.

Emily had sent me a lot of phone pictures that she took to show to MuscleGirlWorld.com. The last time I had gotten this excited from calf muscles, was with Heather Wollman back in the day. I was excited to see more of Emily’s calf muscles and was hoping that she would start making videos for MuscleGirlWorld.com. Unfortunately Heather Wollman hardly ever shows off her calves, and I didn’t want Emily to do the same.


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Personally as a fan of female leg muscles, especially calf muscles… And girls next door with muscle; Emily Shredz is a perfect muscle girl! She has everything I look for in a muscle girl next door! She is a pretty girl, with sexy big calf muscles and lots of veins.

If you seen her wearing jeans one day, you would have no idea she had muscular legs… The next day you see her in a skirt wearing heals, with her calf muscles bulging out, and thick veins all over her calf muscles… That personally sends me over the edge. I could not handle that in person! That is why I love Emily so much. She gives you that surprise element from a muscle girl next door.

Emily has given me permission to post the photos that she sent me on MuscleGirlWorld.com. I am sharing these photos with the fans of MuscleGirlWorld.com. The world has to see just how sexy Emily’s calf muscles, and just how amazing her veins really are!

These photos are not great quality, they were taking with her old phone. However sometimes phone pictures are the best. They give you a more real feeling, and the picture seem more personal. It was taken specifically for female muscle fans and no one else.

Emily Shredz