How Long Should Each Video Be?

The minimum video length is 3 minutes. The longer your video is, the more it will sell for. If your video is 5 minutes in length, it will sell for $4.99. If your video is 10 minutes in length it will sell for $9.99. Most models submit videos about 3-5 minutes in length. Feel free to browse our tutorials and video ideas if you are struggling to make your video last 3-5 minutes.

Can I Record Videos With My Phone?

Yes! you can record videos with your mobile phone, providing it is a fairly new one. Most new phones have HD video cameras, and are great for recording your own videos. You can even upload the videos directly from your phone using the WeTransfer.com or DropBox mobile apps.


Tips & Tricks

Make sure to check out our tutorials. We teach you how to record videos, and post helpful tutorials. We also give you video ideas, which will help your video sales!