Maz Burn: A New Huge Female Bodybuilder

Maz Burn: A New Huge Female Bodybuilder

Maz Burn: A New Huge Female Bodybuilder

Maz burn is a new British female bodybuilder that just came out of now where! Unfortunately these days it seems rare when a bran new female bodybuilder appears, but when it happens, all of us FBB fans take notice. Maz Burn is the latest female bodybuilder with a lot of hype, and we are lucky enough to get the chance to work with her… In-fact, we were the first. We found her!!!

It is true. was the very first female muscle website to work with Maz Burn. We are very proud to have discovered such an amazing female bodybuilder. Not just amazing to luck at, but also amazing to be around. Maz Burn has an amazing personality, as well as an amazing muscular physique.

Most of the FBB fans don’t notice what goes on behind the scenes of the female muscle world. They see a nice video, and like it. They rarely get to see what the models personality, or what they are really like off camera.

Many female bodybuilders are business orientated and very serious. They often have a business of session or webcam services, and they take that very seriously and treat it as a real business. They are very strict and professional, which is great, but it means they don’t show their personality. They are always “switched on” on business mode. And it is hard trying to break through their defensive to get to know them as a person.

Then you have female bodybuilders like Maz Burn, who is so much fun and outgoing, and treats life how it should be treated. Live for the moment and enjoy every minute of it.

There is nothing wrong with being serious and business minded, but I think the FBB fans would prefer to watch female bodybuilders, that actually enjoy what they are doing, and not just doing it for a business. You will notice with Maz Burn that she actually enjoys posing for her fans. Maz Burn actually enjoys the new attention she is receiving from the FBB fans. The video we posted might not show much visually, but if you analyze it, it will show a lot more personality, and character than most of the other FBB videos on YouTube.


When we are recording our female muscle videos it is always funny to watch the camera man try to joke around with the models…. Sometimes the reactions are priceless. You get some models who will always keep a professional straight face and never break a smile. Sometimes you get models like Maz Burn that gets busted eating Haribo candy on camera! Literally Maz Burn doesn’t care, she just wants to have fun.

What we are trying to say in this article, is that Maz Burn is an awesome female bodybuilder with a great personality, and you FBB fans reading this are lucky to have such an amazing muscle women that will respect your appreciation for female muscle.

Maz Burn