Mandys Squires: Amazing Personality

Mandys Squires: Amazing Personality

Mandys Squires: Amazing Personality

Mandy Squires is one of the most loved muscle girls of recent time. She was a star find. Not only is Mandy Squires sexy as hell, she also has an amazing personality. This article is going to focus on Mandy’s amazing personality.

A great thing about working with models is that you get to create a good report with them. Some models are a pain in the ass to work with, and some are really fun to work with. Mandy Squires is one of the most fun muscle girls there is!

We have included a video of some behind the scenes footage of Mandy Squires. Some bloopers. We have also included some of Mandy’s own videos from her personal YouTube channel. YES! Mandy has her own YouTube channel. You should go check out, and subscribe to her YouTube Channel!


Here is some behind the scenes footage with Mandy Squires. We took Mandy for a day out to Niagara Falls, Canada. This time, we decided to capture some of Mandy’s hilarious moments on video. The female muscle fans need to see how random, and weird Mandy Squires can be!

Muscle Control

Sorry to disappoint you but Mandy’s muscle control video, was about her flexing her nose! Lots of people got just as excited as you did when they first read the description! “Mandy is flexing?!” NOPE; she is messing about again! Mandy is such a tease!

Pec Routine

 We bet you thought the peck routine would be a chest workout video?! NOPE! Mandy is talking you through a peck kissing routine! To understand this video, you need to be into the gym. Mandy is combining gym talk, with kissing. Mandy is strangely very proud of this video. When she was telling us about it, she was laughing a lot.

Mandy Squires